Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some new perspective on performance goals

Today's run (street): 2.75 miles

I've been thinking about my running focus for 2011 and my goals for next year. I'd like to increase the length of my runs and also work on tactical performance. In terms of distance, I've been averaging between 6 and 7 miles for my weekly "long" runs and in the last month I've done some runs exceeding 8 miles. Lately my weekend distances have been closer to six miles due to my running 10K's twice in November. My hope is to soon cover more distance than that - 9 or 10 miles - as often as I can. The toughest part of that is finding the time to run for 90+ minutes and to find interesting routes that provide enough distance.

In terms of tactical performance, I've thought about the way I've trained over the last month, with easy runs at easy paces preparing for races where I go all-out. It seems to be working. My average training runs have been on the middle and high side of 9:00 per miles but I've managed 9:05 and 8:53 respectively on my recent 10K's. I'd like to continue the easy runs (like this morning's steady run at 9:30/mile) but in place of races (I'm not sure if I'll compete again this year) I might try some "Run as fast as you can for two miles" workouts. Rather than suffering the complexities of speed drills I'm thinking this might accomplish the mission of recruiting fast twitch muscles along with the slow. I'm going to make it a goal to run two miles under 8:00 per mile. That seems like a challenging but viable goal. Right now I'm not sure I can break 8:00 for one mile although my experience at the Long Beach 10K tells me I'm close.

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