Monday, November 15, 2010

A good race for many reasons

I always enjoy the day after a race because it gives me a break from running and a chance to think about the day before. One of my 2010 running goals was to PR in a race and I accomplished that yesterday. I am pleased with achieving that goal and I give due credit to the following:
  • Flat course
  • Perfect weather
  • Sufficient rest
  • Prior focus on building up my base
  • No injuries
  • Compression gear
  • Prior 10K's run on trails or on a very hilly course (Cow Harbor)
  • Positive attitude throughout the run
I was happy to average 9:05 per mile, a pace I hadn't matched since September. I would have liked to break 9:00 but I'll take what I got. You always want to leave something for a future PR. As well as I did compared with my last 10K, I still finished mid-pack. I think that due to the conditions many people had a good race day on Sunday. Next weekend I'll have a chance to challenge my 10K PR at the Long Beach Turkey Trot. I'm not focused on another PR though. If I can enjoy next Sunday's race as much as I did yesterday, that's more than enough for me.


  1. Congratulations on the race! Looks like it was a success on many fronts. Any progress in getting the official times?
    The Boys and Girls Club in my town had their annual 5K race last Sunday and part of the route went right by the house. I think I am going to set my sights on running it next year, so I have a goal to shoot for. The boys stood at the window and cheered on the runners going by.

  2. Hi Bill - I updated Sunday's post with the official results. 56:23 which was almost 3 minutes better than my previous 10K PR. Course and weather onditions helped a lot.

    You should definitely aim for the 5K next year. I'd even enter a race in early spring just to start preparing for the experience. It doesn't matter how fast you run it. Imagine how excited the boys will be to see thair dad run by! I hope the route doesn't go up that huge hill though.

    Bring your running shoes when you visit us!!!!

  3. Ah, just saw that. That's great! I will seek out other 5K's or walk/runs for spring too.
    I will definitely bring my shoes when I come!


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