Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First run since Sunday's race

Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

My first run after a race is usually tough, even if it's done at a short distance. I often have more energy on the day after I race than I do after skipping a day. That was true this morning. I set out at 4:00 AM before the rain had really started. The local news station reported temperatures in the 40's but I saw vapor illuminated by my headlamp as I breathed. There was a trickle of rain when I began and that increased in intensity by my finish, but it didn't start coming down hard until after I'd stepped inside. My legs felt a little stiff throughout the run but I was able to pick up some speed after the first mile.

I'm trying to decide what I will do for runs throughout this week. My strategy to rest two days prior to last Sunday's race seemed to pay off. I'll probably run again on Wednesday and finish my mini-taper with an elliptical session on Thursday. After that I'll do some low impact workouts on Friday and Saturday. The core workout I did last Saturday may have helped my run on Sunday. I'll try to repeat that this week.

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