Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yet another shoe buying experience at Jackrabbit Sports

Today's run (street): 2.5 miles at 9:09

Yesterday afternoon I paid a visit to Union Square with my friend KWL for noodles at Republic and a visit to Jackrabbit Sports. KWL is participating in a two day event later this month, running a 10K on one day and cycling 100 miles the next. His New Balance running shoes needed replacing so he thought it would be good to have his gait analyzed to help him choose the right shoe. Jackrabbit's staff are knowledgeable but they can be a bit arrogant. The person who rang up our purchases was downright nasty, enough so that I'd reconsider returning there. The person who helped KWL was fine though and after confirming that my friend is a neutral strider, he provided pairs of Brooks Ghosts, Saucony Triumphs, New Balance 759 and the ASICS Nimbus, along with the ASICS Cumulus pair that he used for gait analysis on the treadmill. KWL ended up choosing the Cumulus and he ran with them last night and gave them a good review this morning.

Today's run was done under extremely humid conditions but without the sun or oppressive heat it wasn't too bad. I continued my focus on form and cadence but today I was unable to keep to under 9:00 per mile. I did wake up feeling more tired than I normally do and worried that I was fighting off a cold. I thought about staying indoors with an elliptical session but I went with the original plan and ran. I wore my Saucony Grid Tangent 4's but they didn't give me much help on performance today. In my conversation with the Jackrabbit salesperson yesterday he mentioned that the Grid Tangents and other light stability shoes don't sell well and a few models of that type (like the Grid Tangents) are no longer sold in their stores. The only shoe in that category that does sell well is the DS Trainer. I don't expect my shoes to do the work to make me a better performer, that's up to me. So far I'm pleased with my progress this week. A little extra effort has gone a long way.


  1. Hey, glad your buddy found shoes that are good for him and that the review is positive. Too bad you could not say the same for the sales person at the store. If it is one thing I dislike, it is arrogance, especially with running stores that already have good bus that seem to fob off new runners or runners period. Better luck next time man. As far as your performance, you could have just been tired or something. We can prepare ourselves mentally, but sometimes, it's just not there. Take care and glad you are having a good week.

  2. Thanks Kenley. I hope your weekend running is great as well.


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