Thursday, August 12, 2010

A kind surprise from the Emerging Runner, Jr.

Today's workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

This morning I walked into the guest room to see my running clothes and gear laid out for my morning run. I had gone to bed early and neglected my usual setup process so I was confused to see everything neatly in its place. Then I saw a note from my daughter explaining that she was concerned that I'd forgotten to do this the night before. It was very thoughtful of her and I felt a little bad about not using some of the carefully selected items (like my headlamp) but I wanted to do some cross training this morning on the elliptical. Having all my towels and workout clothes ready certainly saved me time.

My focus on speed in preparation for the upcoming Dirty Sock and Great Cow Harbor runs has extended to my elliptical workouts. I found that I could maintain a rate that's 9% faster than I had been achieving a month ago (at the same level of resistance). It would seem as though the the extra effort I'm putting into running has improved my speed all around. I plan to test that tomorrow with a run in Central Park if the weather holds up. I've been running faster but I haven't really faced any challenging hills. Central Park provides plenty of those and I'm curious to see how I do on them.


  1. That is the sweetest thing (your daughter laying out your gear). Adorable. That's exciting re: speeding up. Nice work! I think I've just decided to run 3x/wk as an initial goal to become, once again, a regular runner--we'll see!

  2. I've found it easier to maintain consistency by having a regular running schedule. 3X a week is a good frequency that will (hopefully) fit well into your lifestyle. You can always increase how often you run if it makes sense, but 3X per week is great. I hope you have lots of fun!


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