Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Race training has begun

Today's run (street): 2.5 miles at 8:49

I've come to realize that I'll never improve my performance by running the same comfortable miles over and over again. I can use many excuses to explain why my performance has slipped but, in truth, I've done little to help my cause. I was reading an old post where I'd written about having done speed drills at the local track. That was a long time ago. I did train on hills to prepare for the Cape Cod marathon relay and more recently to prepare for the Marcie Mazzola 5K but that was months ago. Besides throwing in a few tempos on some longer runs I haven't helped really pushed myself. I've come to realize that the only way to improve is to focus on running more "quality miles" that benefit my conditioning and performance.

This morning I headed out to moderately cool temperatures. It felt nothing like Sunday's chilly air but it was certainly better than it had been a week ago. I had just read an article in Runner's World about training for a half marathon PR and realized that the type of running I'm doing isn't really contributing to my running progress. That isn't to say that the running I'm doing doesn't have benefits. It's maintaining my current level of fitness and provides a great outlet for stress. However, now's the time to step up.

I hit the street at a faster pace than I've run in a while. I thought about doing a tempo run but then figured that the distance I'd cover is short enough to push the whole way through. I didn't duplicate the effort I'd make running a 5K (going from waking up to running in 10 mins is hard enough) but I did handily beat 9:00 per mile. The run felt really good and I was left wondering whether it's more work to run easy than hard in some circumstances. I won't declare that I've moved into a new phase of performance running but conditioning will be top of mind as I prepare for the Dirty Sock run later in the month.

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  1. Thank you for this terrific post. I'm in the same boat and working towards breaking that comfortable running pace I tend to fall into. I think your right and a change of "running scenery" may help my cause.


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