Friday, May 21, 2010

Running the Charles from Cambridge and back

Longfellow Bridge (bottom), Harvard Bridge (top)
Today's run: Central Park (tentative)

I'm planning to be up in Cambridge next week for some MIT Media Lab activities. It's always interesting to visit the Media Lab and the ideas and future technologies are both exciting and inspiring. Many of those technologies have found their way into athletic gear. The science behind the Garmin and Polar foot pods, as well as the Nike+ system, came by way of the Media Lab's Responsive Environments group. As stimulating as I find MIT, my favorite part about visiting is when I'm able to run the loop over the Harvard Bridge into Boston and then return to Cambridge over the Longfellow Bridge. The entire four mile run takes place around the Charles River with views of both city skylines looming. I often see runners wearing Red Sox hats and that always makes me feel like I'm home again.

I'm so hoping for decent weather for the early part of the week. Nothing will be as disappointing as a thunderstorm that forces me to stay inside and use the hotel treadmill. I'm not going to worry about that though. I'll get to see some great people, including family and friends. Running along Memorial Drive always brings back great memories. I'd just better not forget to pack my Red Sox cap.


  1. reports are it will be warm Monday & Tues, so get out early. I miss working in Kendall,I would briskly walk across the Longfellow into Charles Circle/Beacon Hill, grab lunch and walk back, 30-40 minutes total walking so I earned my lunch :-)

  2. I'm hoping I'll get to see you when I'm there. I'll be in touch this weekend.


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