Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foregoing my run today

No workout today

I decided to forgo my usual Thursday workout this morning and take an additional day of rest this week. I'm looking to add more distance to my weekend runs and I've recently added a longer run on Fridays in the city. It's taken a while but I'm beginning to understand the value of rest as an enhancement to my training. On a recent run with my friend and running advisor, CK, we talked about the frequency of my runs. CK suggested that more rest would be beneficial for recovering from longer runs and the additional rest would probably help me improve my performance. I'll see if that's true tomorrow where I plan to run the big loop around Central Park (6 miles). My goal is to average around 20 miles a week and I should be able to do that even if I take two days of rest on some weeks.

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  1. Your muscles get stronger on rest days... take plenty of them.


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