Thursday, May 13, 2010

The better of two goods

Today's workout (elliptical): 27 minutes

I'm considering an upcoming 5K race this weekend that is taking place in an adjacent town. This event, the Brooke Jackman Race for Literacy, seems interesting and like most charity runs it benefits people in need. I chose not to run the RXR 10K earlier this month but I have no regrets that I didn't race. I ran my personal best for distance on that Sunday and felt that it was time better spent. This Sunday's race will be my only practical opportunity to compete in May. I'm already scratching on the June 6th XTERRA race because I have so little time that weekend and I'm heading out later that day on a business trip. I will definitely be running in the New Hyde Park 8K in mid-May so June is covered. My quandary for this weekend is whether I'm willing to give up a run on Saturday, when it's supposed to be beautiful, to rest enough to be competitive on Sunday. If I don't race on Sunday I would try to do a trail run at Stillwell or Muttontown on one day and explore the running experience at Eisenhower Park on the other day. Both of those runs are appealing but so is the thought of lining up for another race. I guess I'll have until early Sunday morning to decide. Either way I can't really lose.


  1. Best wishes on deciding on what to do. Follow your legs, not your heart. Is a race what you really want to do? Running is running. Take care.

  2. I guess that's true that running is running. But nothing beats the rush off the starting line!


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