Monday, May 24, 2010

Business travel provides a different running experience

Today's workout: Rest day

This will be a busy week. I'll be out of the office four out of the five days and traveling for the first three. Today will start with an hour and a half presentation that I have to give before I head to Penn Station to hop on the Acela to Boston. It's not a bad trip and I'm planning to see some great people and do some interesting things. I'm also hoping to get some city running in while I'm there. I've mentioned the Memorial Drive run that I love and I wish I had time to extend that run on the Boston side to include a loop around Boston Common. There's something great about running where the city meets nature. Running in Central Park is always interesting to me because there's so much to see with things changing all the time. Due to business conditions I haven't traveled as much in the last year as in the past but I have another trip coming up soon. My schedule will be tight so I don't know if I'll get to run there but I'm hopeful that I can. I don't enjoy business travel or being away from my family but running in new or different places makes for a far better experience.

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