Monday, November 30, 2009

What's a run worth?

What is a training run worth? Is it worth risking your life? Of course it isn't, yet I am constantly surprised to see runners who take chances or make choices that could easily lead to tragedy. Yesterday afternoon I went out to do some errands and drove along the service road that borders my neighborhood to the south. This service road is a two lane, one way street that connects traffic that comes off the highway. Cars often consider the service road an extension of the highway and whiz along at speeds approaching 60 MPH.

Yesterday, as I drove it, I encountered a runner heading in the same direction as the traffic running to the left of the shoulder stripe, within the right car lane. I found this horribly naive and stupid. Cars coming around the corner are not expecting to see runners, walkers or bikers. There are no sidewalks because the road is not intended for pedestrian traffic.That runner assumed that cars would see him and move over. Bad assumption. I looked behind me using the mirror after I passed to the far left and saw a white SUV fly by the runner and sharply move into his lane just a few feet in front. I wonder if that made him think.

When I got home I went for a 1.25 mile run with my daughter. She just got a pair of running tights and wanted to give the a try. We had a great run through the neighborhood, staying on the sidewalks just to be safe.

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