Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easy does it, apparently

I'm thinking about how best to use the nine remaining days before my 5K on the 28th. I've had some second thoughts about this race that I've chosen over two others: the Garden City 5M Turkey Trot and the 5K Rob's Run (XC) 5K Race that's run by the GLIRC. I believe all three races are held on different days but I'm not yet at the level where I can run two (or three) races within days of one another. I chose the Bridie Goldstein race because it's local but, most importantly, because I didn't feel ready to run it last year at this time. My view of a 5K is much different now but I still see it as a challenge because I want to do better than my previous 5K pace of 8:33.

I celebrated a year and a day of the Emerging Runner with an elliptical session this morning. I wore my Garmin and HRM to see how a moderate workout on this machine compares with my daily run in terms of pulse rate. It turns out that it doesn't, despite ratcheting up the resistance I averaged about 15% lower overall compared to a typical run. I guess elliptical work is easier unless you set the machine high and maintain a faster speed than I normally attain. Maybe not as rigorous as a run but I still worked up a good sweat this morning.


  1. Wish I had room for an elliptical some days. Way to go! I find the dark really difficult to get out of bed for.

  2. I love the solitude of running outside in the dark (with proper safety gear). Although it's done at 4:00 AM the elliptical is sort of a treat because it's an easier workout.


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