Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good rest: Good run

I'm hoping I've finally broken out of my fatigue cycle and that I'm finally in balance in terms of early morning and late day energy. I got to bed at a reasonable hour last night and woke up seven hours later feeling rested. It took me a little longer than usual to get ready for my run but I hit the streets by 4:05 AM feeling okay. The local news was posting a temperature of 54 degrees so I dressed accordingly. I included an extra top layer that came in handy within the first 30 seconds when I turned up a street and was hit with a wall of wind. It felt slightly humid outside and I expected to sweat. Accompanying the strong wind was a fine misty rain. It actually felt nice to be outdoors and I made my way around the neighborhood, keeping a moderate pace.

I try to vary my routes daily and the trick is managing the time and distance so that I finish up at home, on schedule. I occasionally find myself a little too far away when I'm reaching my time limit and this requires me to really push for the last half mile or so. I ended up covering 2.5 miles this morning in around 23 minutes. Not my greatest run but a credible effort that told me my energy levels have been fully restored. After really crashing at the end of the day yesterday I'm less of a believer in FRS although I probably need to give it more time to provide tangible benefits. Without a doubt, I've found a good night's sleep to be the best energy supplement for running.


  1. I have been so stale lately running; and top it off, I don't even really wan to run. There's a slew of factors contributing to this but really, I'm just tired. Gonna try to get extra sleep tonight! Thanks for your post!

    (my 2010 goals are to do less than 18 races, which I did in 2009. It's too draining! :/ )

  2. I understand how fatigue can demotivate you. I can't believe that you did 18 races this year. That would make anyone tired! I find that the best way to motivate myself to run is to read magazines about running. That usually does the trick. I hope you're feeling more energetic after a good night's sleep.


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