Friday, November 13, 2009

My favorite app (hint: it has something to do with running shoes)

Without a doubt my favorite iPhone app is the Runner's World Shoe Shop. This free app has a simple interface that enables quick navigation across the 250 or so running shoes reviewed by the magazine. The company that created this app, NearbyNow, has a holiday gift guide featuring items from retailers and fashion magazines that works in the same way as the shoe app but the content isn't very rich. I give Runner's World a lot of credit for its elegant implementation that includes some nice store and price finder features.

I don't know exactly why I like running shoes so much. It may be due to my interest in technology or the fact that there seems to be so many interesting differentiators between models and brands. I'll never be a competitive runner but I want to do the best I can and it all starts with the shoe. I think it's interesting that when I made my commitment to running a year ago I simply put myself at the mercy of a Foot Locker sales person who sold me a pair of Nikes with no conversation about how I run or whether I pronate. Those shoes worked okay until I reached 300 miles where I began to have problems with my left leg. Those problems exacerbated to the point that I debated running a 5K in trail shoes to avoid further injury.

Looking back, those Nikes were decent shoes and I did end up running the 5K in them, coming in 2nd in my age category. I retired them the next day once I purchased the Brooks GTS-9 Adrenalins. The Brooks did not impress me right away but after almost 400 miles they've never given me a problem (except for the occasional pinching issue at the top of my foot). I check in with the Runner's World Shoe Shop on a daily basis looking for information that will guide me to my next pair. I wish it had more updates and covered more of the specialty brands like Newton but I'm still very pleased with what they offer today. Plus, the price is right.


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