Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday and Monday

I topped off yesterday's activities with a neighborhood run with my daughter. We've gotten into a nice routine of running our 1-2 mile course before dinner on Sunday nights. Although it's only a once a week thing for her she has improved greatly since our first time out and she can usually cover our distance with only one or two short stops along the way. I suspect it won't be long before these breaks become unnecessary and I'm anticipating the time when she pushes the pace instead of me. Until then I will fully enjoy the experience as it is.

This morning I awoke conflicted about my workout. As I made my way down for coffee I weighed three options: run, rest or elliptical. Mondays are usually my rest days but with only a couple of miles logged on Saturday and a moderate amount of distance on Sunday I knew I should do something. I decided to elliptical because I was suffering a little sciatic pain and thought a low impact workout would be preferable. I think it was a good choice since I've been pain free since then. I've said before that the elliptical workouts never seem to be as much work as running and today was no exception. That said, I did feel it was time well spent and I am raring to get back out on the road tomorrow morning.

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