Thursday, September 10, 2009

Elliptical reunion

It has been so long since I used the elliptical machine that I couldn't even remember the right buttons to hit as I started my session this morning. I have become anti-machine oriented but for all the right reasons. I value both the elliptical and treadmill for their utility but when there's an opportunity to run outside I can't bring myself to stay inside. Looking back at the summer I realize how incredibly fortunate I have been in terms of weather. Although I run or otherwise exercise six day s a week I have not had occasion to miss a day's activity due to rain. I have dealt with a few stormy situations but the skies cleared up or stayed clear in time for my planned runs either early in the morning, during the work day or over the weekends. I hope I haven't jinxed myself by recognizing my fortune.

Once I figured out the controls, I made my way through about 25 minutes of ellipticalling using a moderately high resistance level. Although it was cool and dry outside this morning and I could have easily slipped out for a run I'd decided to go for an easier workout today. I'm in the final days leading to my next race and I figured a little cross training couldn't hurt. Despite the cool outside temperatures my guestroom felt like a sweatbox and I appreciated that because I sometimes feel like I don't do enough work when I'm on that machine. If work is measured by sweat I've certainly acquitted myself well today. My plans for tomorrow are up in the air. We have finished with "Summer Fridays" so I'm planning to be at my office for the whole day. Right now my options are doing a 4:00 AM run, a longer Central Park run as soon as I get in or a mid-day run at lunchtime. I can probably cover more ground mid-day because I'll have more time but it will be hotter and I really prefer running in the morning. Of course if it rains that could change everything.

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