Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anticipating the weather

Every morning when I go out to run I anticipate the weather. As the garage door pulls itself up to reveal the morning conditions I brace for what I'll see. This morning I saw that the driveway was spotted with rain and the air felt extremely humid. The past two weeks have been cool in the early hours and I've enjoyed that. I even needed two layers during a run last week. I set out with no particular route in mind, hoping that the rain had passed for good.

Around ten minutes into my run I began to feel some drops. I laughed about the fact that the rain always seems to come when I'm at the farthest point from home. I didn't really care as long as it stayed at a drizzle. Anything more and I begin to worry about my watch and my phone. Plus I don't like to get my shoes wet. I mentioned yesterday that my headlamp didn't throw enough light to illuminate my path when I'm running in total darkness. I stand corrected, all it took was a quick on-the-fly angle adjustment to solve that issue.

I ended up covering 2.5 miles at 9:08 and considering how slowly I started it turned out to be a decent pace. Worrying about beating the rain can definitely motivate you to hustle. It never really rained during my run so my luck held once again. I'm anticipating the day my garage door opens to reveal a layer of freshly fallen snow. Treadmill or trail shoes? What would you do?

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  1. Trail shoes!! Preferably with Gore-tex. That's a no brainer : )


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