Monday, March 30, 2009

Off in the distance

Last night I uploaded my prior week's runs to Garmin Connect and also updated my total workout history to MapMyRun. The Garmin Connect reports verified that my average pace has improved but, when I looked at overall monthly distance on MapMyRun, I noticed I was falling short of the previous month. This bothered me for two reasons. For one, I've never had a decline in total distance compared to the previous month. To date, I've gained about 3% each month over the last six months. The second reason was that March, a month with 31 days, will likely show a 7% decline against February, a month with 10% less days.

At this point, the only way I could end up even with February would be to run five miles tomorrow and that isn't going to happen. I guess I could blame my leg injury because I have been very careful not to strain it. I've also been focusing more on faster paces rather than longer, slower runs. Yesterday and today I chose the elliptical to further help my leg recovery and I'm pleased to note that I've had the least amount of pain today than I've had in the past three weeks.

If less mileage and more cross training leads to better injury recovery I think I can take the hit on distance. If things continue to feel this good tomorrow I'll try to run 2.5 miles and split the difference.


  1. Good plan... Maybe you didn't run further, but you did seem to run "smarter" by adding speed work and keeping yourself from making your injuries worse!

  2. Thanks. I wasn't so smart this morning, really pushed it, but thankfully I didn't pay a price. I have lots of business presentations this week and running hard seems to help with my focus.


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