Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just don't call me a @#$%! jogger

This morning I saw a news story where a reporter was interviewing two women who were out for an early morning run. Superimposed on the screen were their names and the word "Joggers." It made me laugh to see that. These women were serious looking runners but the word jogger evokes, in my mind, someone dressed in a designer sweatsuit and headband, holding a bottle of Vitamin Water, listening to an iPod and bouncing along at a fast walking pace. Someone recently asked me if I was "still jogging" and I was tempted to say "I don't jog, I run." Instead I just said yes because to most people it's the same thing.

So what is the real definition of running vs. jogging? Does it have more to do with speed or attitude? I read one view that the difference between the two is an entry form. Meaning a runner races and a jogger just jogs. I'll debate that since I know at least one serious runner who never races. Another view was that joggers run 9+ minute miles and runners run faster than that. That seems like a fairly arbitrary distinction. In that case, with an average pace of about 9:15 I'd be an aspiring - not emerging - runner. I'm not going to change the name of my blog so I'll have to reject that definition.

This morning I (ahem) jogged 1.76 miles in 16:02 for an overall pace of 9:06. Since I have already filled out a couple of entry forms I'll accept the first view and say I had a pretty good run.


  1. I've seen lots of different definitions too, but I've decided that the difference is the mindset, not the speed. I get offended when people suggest that I'm a "jogger" too, because the word seems to imply less dedication, less effort, less importance...just less!!!

    It makes me feel better to remember what I read somewhere about the topic --a jog is something that a runner does when he's not trying -- or something like that. If you get up every day and have run four miles before most people even have a cup of coffee, you're a runner. And if anyone calls you a jogger, just a race you'd beat them by a mile...or more!! :-)

  2. Good points. It's true that those who disparage running can usually do with some themselves.


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