Monday, March 2, 2009

Happiness is a warm treadmill

This morning I awoke to a foot of snow in Cambridge. From my hotel window I watched the plows working to clear streets and paths in Kendall Square. I went down to the fitness center for a run and indulged myself by selecting a treadmill with a personal TV screen.

I started my run and watched through the window as the snow blew almost parallel to the ground. People were walking in shovel-width paths that appeared to be two feet high at the sides. I watched the school closures on TV, virtually every school in the area is cancelled but happily MIT is open so my travel wasn't wasted.

I ran about 25 minutes at about 9:20/mile. It felt like a good weekday workout. I think my wife had a better workout though - she went out to shovel our driveway at 5:30 AM where we got more than a foot on Long Island. I'm trying not to think about my travel back to NY later today.


  1. Last time I was at the Media Lab I remember them showing this: Run Log

  2. That's an app written by Takashi Okamoto who was a student of John Maeda in the Physical Language Workshop. I was using Runlog for a while because it plugged directly into Facebook. It became too much to log with RunLog, Nike and MapMyRun so I stopped. It's a nice utility but MapMyRun, even the free version, has many more features.


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