Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trail running - the Emerging Runner's next frontier?

I was looking at a magazine called Trail Runner which focuses on running in more rugged terrain. AG, one of the Emerging Runner advisers, had told me about a good running trail near where I live and I was looking for information about running trails in the area. There was another running trail, about three miles south of my town, listed in the magazine's directory of races as well. I'm going to try the Muttontown Mystery Trail because it's very convenient to my home. My wife and kids like hiking so perhaps I can mix a run with a hike. The only downside to trail running is that the shoe requirement is different and I don't have trail shoes. Yet.

Today is the last day off from holiday break. Although it hasn't even been two full weeks I feel like I've been away for a month. I had a great time with my family and many great opportunities to run under many different conditions. I'm very pleased with the progress that I've made. After yesterday's difficult run I was concerned that today's would be hard but I got an early start and ran 3.2 miles through the neighborhood. I felt great from the first step and although it was over ten degrees colder than last night there was little wind. I wasn't going for speed and my pace reflected that but I really enjoyed the experience. Tomorrow will be a return to 4:00 AM running and shorter distances until the weekend. I plan to map my distance progress to see what adjustments are necessary for proper conditioning for the 4 mile race.

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