Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm balking on sunshine

It occurred to me this morning as I stood freezing on the train platform that I have yet to run in the blisteringly hot summer heat. I (re)started running last year in late August and did most of my runs before 6:30 AM, before temperatures climbed well above the 70's. By now I've experienced running in temperate, cold and really cold weather and I'm trying to figure out how to handle the coming days of high humidity and heat. With the cold you can always dress warmer with more layers and thicker vests and jackets. Although you do need to fight dehydration when running in the cold I'm guessing the requirement for proper hydration in the hot weather is much different.

I'm running in two races between April 19 and May 2nd and according to some data I've seen (based upon the above chart) the apparent temperatures could be in the 90's. I've read that it's important to run in similar weather conditions two weeks prior to a race to acclimate yourself to the heat or cold. I'm thinking that I can use indoor running as a way of controlling my environment as I move closer to those dates. In terms of gear, I'll use any excuse to buy more technical shirts.

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