Friday, January 2, 2009

Caution: icy roads ahead

I had a great run this morning despite the fact that the neighborhood roads still have patches of ice. There was snow and ice on less trafficked areas, like the Middle School, where I often begin my runs. I was careful to navigate around those hazards and I also encountered ice patches around the lower ends of some hilly streets.

Today's run was about 3.2 miles which I did at an average pace of 9:49. I thought that was good since I needed to slow down a lot when the roads were bad. I bought some running leggings last week that are very comfortable and perfect for temperatures in the 20's and 30's. The down side is that I have no place to put an ID or my phone (I usually keep them in the back pocket of my running sweats). The other thing about the leggings is that they are form fitting and you get the sensation that you aren't wearing pants. I actually checked the first time I used them last week to make sure I hadn't forgotten to fully dress.

I've definitely stepped up my average distance per run but it's mostly due to having more time on vacation. I really want to extend my morning runs between Monday and Friday that are constrained by my schedule. I can probably start slightly earlier by preparing more the night before. Even five minutes gained would make a difference.

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  1. Here's where the living vicariously through your running part comes in... Today is exactly 1 month since my shoulder surgery, and guess what? I'm really missing exercising, particularly trail running after a good snow. Big surprise, huh?! The trails tend to have much less ice than the roads in my experience. So, since I can't run I'll instead offer a suggestion for you. Here's a 3.3 mile loop trail run in your neck of the woods called the Muttontown Mystery Trail ( There are supposed to be ruins of an old palace and walled garden owned by a deposed Albanian king along the trail. I'll email a map and some other info to you. Enjoy the rest of the vacation time!


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