Friday, January 9, 2009

99 days and counting

I noticed that it's 99 days to my four mile race. That gives me 13 more weekends to work on speed and distance. I'm confident that I can handle the distance, as I've run further, but now it's about pace. Earlier this week I started increasing the pace of my daily run and I've noticed that running a little faster than my usual pace (about 15 sec./mile) has been surprisingly easy. In fact, I believe that stepping up my pace has been more energizing and is helping me finish stronger. Right now I aim to complete the race with a 9:30 or better pace and I'm going to work on my splits this weekend to determine the best way to use my energy in the race. Since New Year's I've increased my weekday run distance by an average of 25% and I plan to step this up incrementally each week going forward. I'm hoping for a good result in April and plan to run a faster pace two weeks later for the 5K.

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