Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fast week, faster run

Green light, please proceed with speed
Today's run (treadmill): 3.2 miles

This week is going by fast. I cannot believe tomorrow is Wednesday. Yesterday was a blur, involving much work that would contradict the notion that I have retired. The good news is that I'm liking the situation, especially since it only involves dealing with the Long Island Railroad a few times a week. Monday is my usual rest day, and I greatly disappointed my Fitbit by falling short of my daily goals by a substantial margin. I made up for that a little today.

The problem of not having a day that starts at 3:30 AM is that I end up having less day to work with. Even though I'm getting up at 5:30 AM now, my workouts and runs are colliding with morning commitments. Much of that is my own fault. Instead of rolling out of bed and then right out the door for a run, I'm taking time to have coffee, watch the news and see the kids off to school. At that point, it's a competition to see if I can fit in a run before my first call, meeting, or appointment of the day.

This morning I had an early call, but I had the flexibility to push it forward enough to allow a treadmill run. It was sunny outside and the temperature was in the 40's when I was ready to start. Even so, I stayed indoors to save the precious fifteen minutes I'd need to stay on schedule. Today's run was a bridge workout, where I would introduce speed in a way that would protect my recovering hip.

I started at a pace close to where I finished on Sunday's run, and started increasing my speed once I'd been running for 15 minutes. I've had no issues with my hip since last Friday and, after two pain-free runs, canceled my orthopedist appointment that was scheduled for this morning. Today felt like just another treadmill run and I think I can go a little more aggressively tomorrow. I hope I'm not fooling myself into thinking I'm healed when I'm not. Listening to my body helped me recover fairly quickly. Now it's saying, "Go for it."


  1. Your run today sounds a lot like the tempo run I did. Aren't you seeing a doctor this week?

    1. I decided to cancel my appointment after a few days and a couple of pain-free runs. My hip is feeling fine now, making me think the problem was just overuse. I hope I'm not just fooling myself!


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