Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holiday stalking run

I do celebrate these

Today's run (street): 3.75 miles

Today is Easter Sunday, a religious holiday observed by a majority of the population. Happy Easter, if you celebrate. I don't, so I tend to look at the day a little differently. I had considered a morning run at Bethpage State Park, but I was concerned that the main gates might be locked due to the holiday. It occurred to me that the neighborhood might be quieter than usual this morning so I opted to stay local.
Though sunny, it was a chilly 32°, so I added an extra layer and hoped I wouldn't regret it later. I was doing some pre-run stretching when I noticed a runner going by my house. A moment later, the GPS signaled "ready", so I set out behind the runner. I'd planned to run slightly faster than yesterday and thought this fit-looking guy could pace me. After a few minutes, I realized that I was gaining on him. When he looked back, I think I spooked him. I should mention that I was dressed in bright yellow and black, and he may have thought I was a really large bee.

I ran straight when the other runner turned right, and noticed a couple of runners coming from the other direction. As I made my way further through my neighborhood streets, I saw four more runners. Lots of runners and very few cars. I liked that ratio. I did have one car related incident, though incident is probably too strong a word. There was a Lexus RX 350 driving along the route I was following at approximately the same speed that I was going. It may have been a mother teaching her daughter to drive, but I couldn't be sure. I felt like I was being stalked. Perhaps they were curious beekeepers.

I accomplished my goal of a faster run and I'm feeling ready to start introducing more speed to my training. With all this stalking, I had completely forgotten about my sore hip. That's because it was no longer sore. It was an Easter day miracle! Okay, maybe not, but I celebrated just the same.


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