Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My go to workout for running injuries

Cures all running ills
I decided to substitute this morning's run with a walk that I did on the treadmill at a 5% incline. I'm not fully convinced that my injury is related to my IT band. That's because I don't really know exactly where my IT band is. All I know is that the problem suddenly popped up, got worse and then steadily improved. From everything I've heard about Iliotibial band syndrome, it doesn't improve that quickly. Besides that, the Wikipedia definition states that ITBS is a lateral knee issue and (thankfully) that's not part of my problem.

The reason I chose to walk was simple. In the almost-five years that I've been running, I've noticed that there's no injury that walking hasn't helped. It may be the reduced impact, plus some physiological intangible, but a good walk seems to be the best method to combine conditioning with recovery.

Hours later, the pain and soreness have fundamentally subsided. I'll continue to apply ice and some massage via a small roller that I have. If time allows, I may take another walk, this time around the neighborhood after dinner  If a little walking helped akready, a little more can't hurt.


  1. You can definitely have ITB syndrome at the hip, but it's much more common to have it at it's insertion at the lateral knee. Sounds like you are doing everything correctly. Don't skip the therapy - the sooner you start and longer you keep up with it, the faster the recovery! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hmmm. If it is ITBS, I'm wondering what caused it, seemingly overnight. I'm thinking that this soreness may be related to having a weak core that strained some muscles during a recent run. I am continuing to apply ice, etc., and to stretch it moderately.


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