Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2012 racing calendar is already filling up!

All vacations end, and when they do, the hope is to be fully relaxed before returning to the office. For this vacation, I'd say mission accomplished. I even remained healthy throughout the week. For some reason, over the years, this winter holiday break has coincided with illness. It's mostly been bouts of the flu, but two years ago I was hospitalized  with pneumonia. So far, so good!

I usually rest on Mondays to recover from the prior week's training. I considered doing a run today since I'm still out of the office. I ultimately decided to forgo this workout in favor of today's busy agenda.My only running related activity was snagging two pairs of compression shorts at Marshall's for about $10 each. It was a very good deal.

I've signed up for the RXR Long Island Half Marathon that takes place in May. My friend TC, who planned to run it with me last year but got injured, has also signed up. In the meantime, I'm planing to run the Long Beach Snowball 4 mile race in February and the Marcie Mazzola 5K in mid-April. I may also try to fit in a 10K race as a tuneup before the Half. I need to restart my long base training soon, so I'm hoping for some snow-free weekends this month.


  1. Hello fellow Long Island runner! I to am running in the 2012 LI Half as well as the Long Beeach Snowflake 5K in February! Feel free to check out my blog:



  2. Has the Snowflake distance changed? Last year it was a 4 mile race. I'll take a look at your blog. Great to hear from a fellow LI runner.

  3. Thanks! Always nice to hear from a felloe Islander!

    I am enjoying your blog. The Snowflake is still 4 miles. Typo on my part. Sorry!



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