Thursday, January 12, 2012

1,100 ways to say "I ran"

Today's workout: (elliptical): 25 minutes

It would have been cool if today was 11/11/11 instead of 11/12/12, because this is the 1,100th post on the Emerging Runner. It's amazing to think that since November 18, 2008, I've published approximately 275,000 words about one thing: running. But with 726 keywords in my tag cloud, there's been a lot more to talk about than that.

Rain, rain, go away
The rain this morning was only surpassed by the wind and I stayed indoors for my workout. I originally planned a treadmill run but decided to maintain my schedule that includes an elliptical session on Thursdays. I'm hoping that the rain moves out by tomorrow morning so I can get outside for my morning run. It doesn't look too promising. I snapped a photo out my office window at 7:15 AM and it looks like a monsoon at midnight.

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