Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday R&R

I always appreciate my rest days, but I especially enjoyed it this morning. After a few tough workouts this weekend, I was ready for a break. I've resumed my focus on distance and performance after dropping both mileage and intensity in my running in December. My half marathon doesn't happen for three more months, but I'm determined to be better trained for 13 miles than I was at last year's race.

An important part of training is proper rest and recovery. After this weekend's challenging run on snow, followed the next day by an hour of treadmill and elliptical, a day of rest feels just right. The temperatures are rising, so by tomorrow I'm hoping that the ice on the roads will be gone. Otherwise, it's back on the treadmill, once again.


  1. I hope for some warmer weather too as well to melt this damn snow and ice. Come on July! You couldn't have said it any better as far as rest goes.

  2. Unbelievebly, the snow's already gone. Now I have no excuse to stay indoors!


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