Monday, July 18, 2011

Bar Harbor running and hiking

Sunday run (Portsmouth, NH): 3.75 miles
Monday's run (Bar Harbor, ME): 3.5 miles
Acadia National Park hike (morning): 5 miles

It's been a busy vacation and I've found blogging on my Android phone almost as frustrating as I did with the iPhone. That said, I'm keeping my entries short and will post pictures when I return. Here's a summary:

Sunday morning: ran a duplicate route to Saturday's in Portsmouth, NH. Enjoyed the trees and New England homes and the very early morning quiet.

Monday morning: ran around Bar Harbor, along the coastline to the harbor and then through the streets of town. Some good hills, excellent views and interesting sites along the way.

Later in the morning we did a family hike at Acadia near Witch Hole Pond. My son and I ran a bunch of that carriage road back to the trail head. The views of Hull's Cove were fantastic. We'll be back later in the day to do more Acadia exploration. Last night we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain. 1,500 feet never seemed so high!

So far it's been a great vacation. The running conditions have been perfect and the park is even more amazing than I'd hoped it would be.

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