Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another day in paradise (Acadia)

Today's run (Bar Harbor): 3.35 miles

It's been another great day at Acadia. This morning we explored different parts of the park and stopped at Thunderhole where we watched the fascinating rush of water that blows back after being channeled against the rocks through a natural tunnel.

Later we spent time at Jordan Pond where we went out on the rocks and then followed one of the many nature trails. After lunch we went out for a walk along the shore path that runs along the coast. I've included that in my running routes the last two mornings.

I got out early again this morning and started with a run along the shore path before cutting north through downtown and then along some back streets. I went to the eastern edge of Main and came back to the hotel. The streets are gently sloped but it adds up to a pretty good workout.

It's interesting to run around here with such a diversity of things to look at along the way. At 6:15 AM I see merchants readying their stores and smell the coffee brewing from the open-door cafes that are already serving customers. My favorite view is the water, rocks and the mountains across the cove.

Tomorrow we head south for our next adventure in Portland. Hope the running is as good as Bar Harbor.


  1. I suggest running to and along the Munjoy Hill park. Yay! Maine!

  2. It's on my Portland list! Hope it's close to the inn.


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