Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A good taper run (despite a sore toe)

Today's run (treadmill): 2.5 miles

With less than a week before Saturday's race I'm thinking a lot about expectations. This will be my first race in 2011 and like last year's first race, snow may be a factor. The course this weekend is probably similar to last November's Long Beach Turkey Trot that was held in the same town. That was a 10K (6.2 mile) race with 1/3 of the course run along the boardwalk. The Snowflake run is a shorter distance and I'm unsure how they will map out the route. I'm hoping that it includes plenty of boardwalk because the wooden surface is preferable to pavement and the ocean views provide a nice counterpoint to the hard effort of racing. I don't know how fast I'll go or if I have a chance at a 4 mile PR. We'll see.

I would have liked to skip this morning's run and just drink coffee and watch the news under a warm blanket. I managed to change my mindset and get on the treadmill before I rethought my decision. There isn't that much to talk about when describing a treadmill run but today's was easier than Sunday's. I am still dealing with a friction burn on my small toe that I don't want to aggravate any further. I switched from my Brooks to my Saucony Grid Tangents hoping that the different fit would minimize the contact. That helped. My toe is still sore but I wrapped it in a bandage that I wet with Castile soap infused with peppermint and it's coming around. Despite the foot issue my run today was excellent. I was strong throughout the workout and never once did I look wistfully at the clock and wish that time would pass more quickly.

I'm hoping that I can carry that energy into the weekend. I'm planning to run again tomorrow and then complete my taper with light cross-training or rest on Thursday and Friday. Along the way I may get a bonus upper body workout if the ice storm we're expecting amounts to anything.

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