Monday, January 31, 2011

Coming to terms with the treadmill

With another storm coming tomorrow I'm resigned to doing this week's training runs indoors. This winter's snow has put me on the treadmill much more frequently than ever before. I've become more comfortable running on it but I still dislike the experience. My small toes were sore from friction burns after yesterday's run, a rare experience with my Brooks Adrenaline's. As a result I'm giving my feet a break today. I had considered an elliptical session this morning (my usual rest day) to front load my taper since I'll likely be resting Thursday and Friday ahead of Saturday's race. However, I didn't think a workout today would make much of a difference and I wanted to avoid exacerbating my foot problem.

I'm pleased with this weekend's running, 9 miles, all on the the treadmill. Some may find treadmill running easier than outdoor running but I find it hard. When I'm running at 6.5 mph (9:13 pace) it feels harder than when I run 8:45 outdoors. I no longer try to match my outdoor paces indoors, instead I start at a comfortable pace and after 10 minutes I'll increase my speed every few minutes. I usually end up running the last few minutes between 7.1-7.4 mph and that brings my overall run pace into the high-normal range. I'll run tomorrow and Wednesday morning and either rest or do a light elliptical session on Thursday. Friday will definitely be a rest day. Saturday's race should be a chilly one and today's weather report said there may also be some snow.

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