Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When a routine run is a good thing

Today's run (treadmill): 2.55 miles

I have been using the treadmill so often this winter that it's starting to seem like a routine. I far prefer outdoor running but with the snow and ice it's been impossible to do that safely at 4:00 AM. My new comfort with the treadmill is a positive and though I don't love it I'm also not using, "I hate this, I hate this" as my running mantra. A quick check on Garmin Connect shows that my longest gap between treadmill sessions last year was almost five months -- May 19 to October 14. That means that every run in that period (typically five runs per week) happened outdoors. I was clearly lucky with the weather during that span. I probably ran through a few rainstorms but I recall that most of the time conditions were clear. I guess I'm now paying for that streak of run-friendly weather.

My session on the treadmill this morning was energizing. After a moderate start I began to blip up the speed every few minutes, finishing my run at an 8:30 pace. My overall pace was in the low 9:00's and I felt strong throughout the run. It was like Saturday's race when I cruised along below 9:00/mile feeling like I could sustain that pace for a long time. Getting to this level of stamina is important to me because I'm beginning to think about my time targets for a half marathon. If I could start another five month streak of outdoor running I'd be happy. But I'll settle for decent indoor runs like today's for the time being.

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