Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Training is over -- bring on Cow Harbor!

Yesterday's run (Central Park): 3.2 miles at 11:36
Today's run (street): 2.5 miles at 8:57

Yesterday I headed to Central Park with JQ for a refreshing run around the lower and upper loops below the reservoir. The plan was to take it slow and we did. It was a nice change to my normal CP runs where I start fast and hit the hills aggressively. JQ runs intermittently and is looking to increase his frequency. He's no newbie, despite this being more work for him than for me he had no trouble conversing throughout our 3+ mile excursion. Coming at the end of some of the hardest training that I've done prior to a race, yesterday felt somewhat like play. Great conversation and midday exercise without too much sweat made for a pleasant afternoon in the office.

This morning I returned to the street for my last run prior to Saturday's race. I wore the Kinvaras that I'm favoring right now and sped along the streets of the neighborhood at a brisk pace (for 4 AM). If I had any real hills in the neighborhood I'd have attacked them hard so I targeted roads with inclines as much as possible. I'm fairly tuned for the race at this point but, in retrospect, I may have benefited by running the race course more than once in practice. I'm not sure another practice would have made a big difference except to gain confidence by summitting the James Street hill more than once. I don't know how I'll do on the 25th but, no matter what, I've done my best to prepare for what's to come.


  1. Very exciting. Good Luck!

    I found 2 YouTube videos (Bill McDermott) on the 2009 Great Cow Harbor 10K Race. Good videos showing the excitement and great crowd support.

    See You.

  2. Thanks - between your notes and this video my psych up process is well in hand. See you Saturday!

  3. I agree. Bring on Cow Harbor! I've been an occassional follower of your cool blog. I'm looking to complete Cow Harbor less than a year after open heart surgey, and then on to try and finish the NYC Marathon on November 7. I'm raising money for the American Heart Association. My blog is Good luck Saturday, and remember the backbone of running, as you have demonstrated is not about the trophy, its about competing with our "inner selves".

  4. I'm putting a tout for your site on Emerging Runner.

  5. Thanks that would be great :) I read your entry after cow harbor. Wasn't it a great day (with the exception of the humidity?). We had a great time. Are you doing the marathon on Nov. 7?


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