Friday, September 17, 2010

The taper begins

I went to bed last night feeling ambivalent about running this morning. Though I usually run on Fridays I thought that resting prior to the weekend might be a better way to prepare for some long runs. Over the past few weekends I've driven up my distance running and I'm feeling stronger at the 6+ mile mark than I have in a long time. Last Sunday's run in Northport helped me understand my limits and after running the Great Cow Harbor course (supplemented by BJS's notes) I think I'm mentally prepared for the race.

My plan for this weekend, as I begin my taper, is to reinforce my stamina so I can sustain my goal pace throughout the 10K. Besides compiling lots of quality miles I'm going to need to do hill repeats. There aren't too many hills in my area that can stand in as training resources for the James Street challenge but I have some ideas. It may be worth paying the entrance fee at Bethpage State Park to run the hilly bike trail. That trail is long enough to allow me an 8+ mile out-and-back run that culminates with a large hill right before the exit to the trail head. I always dread that hill, especially because it often comes after an hour of running in the heat. This weekend I will embrace the hill knowing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Or in this case, a ton of prevention for a megaton of cure.


  1. Best wishes on your hill training. My first taper last week, I thought I was a fat lazy pig, but taper is there for a reason. On race day, I had all of this bottled up energy I didn't know I had. Good luck and best wishes on the race man.

  2. Good luck on your hill training.
    There are a few spots to park and access the bethpage bike trail without paying for parking.
    I think there are some hills (especially the overpass to the southern state) if you park on Sunrise highway.

  3. Tapering is hard because we incorrectly assume that doing less for a few days will erode conditioning. In fact, when done well it's quite the opposite. Take care and have a great weekend Kenley.

    Thanks Lisa. I don't mind paying the fee because it supports the parks system but it does add up. Time to invest in an Empire Passport!


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