Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cow Harbor 2010 race experience

Here's an excellent video that captures the 2010 Cow Harbor 10K race. The focus is on the elites but you can see the course and experience the James Street Hill.


  1. Great clip. Thanks. At the 6:15 mark, 5 miles into the race, I can see the runners pace slow down as the run up Waterside Dr.

  2. Yes indeed. I can certainly identify with that.

  3. Great write up DR. I enjoyed this race and very much look forward to doing it again next year. After the race and a hearty breakfast I fell asleep by the water and missed the shuttle back, thankfully the florist off Laurel and Main took mercy on me and had her delivery person drive me back to the high school, where I'd parked. Lovely town, lovely people, great race.

    For what it's worth if you have Cablevision you can go to channel 612 and click on IO extras and search for your time there and you'll see your finish.

  4. Wow that was loaded with fail. I meant ER and meant to post this in your write up on the race...

  5. No problem Run - thanks for the guidance in the Ch 612 replay!


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