Friday, July 2, 2010

Pre-Holiday weekend Central Park run

Today's run: Central Park (planned)
The day before a holiday weekend is usually very quiet. I'd considered working from home today since I'm planning to cut out around noon anyway, but I have some things I need to get done in the office. It isn't supposed to get that hot by mid day and I'm looking forward to having a workday-ending run in Central Park with FS. It's budget planning season and that's adding to our busyness. FS and I have a few business items to discuss so we're thinking of covering those subjects during our run. Last summer Adventure Girl and I held our weekly meetings while we traversed the west side bike paths, Central Park and the GW bridge. AG would actually carry an agenda as we ran. It usually took about 4 miles to get through it all. The plan today is to go out at a comfortable, moderate pace and stay with that. I'm not sure what we'll target for distance but we'll work that out.

Or not! It turns out that FS won't be joining me today after all so I'll modify my plan and probably head to the park a little earlier. It's cool and dry and if that continues it could lead to some great running. I'm thinking I might do a loop that goes past the reservoir and then cut across on 97th street. Or I might follow the path around the reservoir itself which will probably keep my run to a tidy 4 miles. I'm raring to go as it's been a few weeks since I've run in the park. The temperature is beginning to climb into the 70's. I hope it stays there!

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