Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Power is restored for both runner and home

Finally got our power back after 26 hours
Today's run (street): 2.75 miles at 9:26

Every weekday morning starts with a check of the weather on the local news station. In winter it's useful to see just how cold it is and how many layers I'll need beforeI go out for my morning run. In summer there is really not much I can do when it's 87 degrees and humid, but at least I know what I'll be facing. This morning, in my haste to get ready, I missed the temperature check and was happily surprised to step out to 68 degrees and low humidity. It was an enjoyable run and it made me feel like a runner again. The last three weeks have been oppressively hot and my running energy has suffered for it. Even in Colorado I was far from being at my best although I could blame the high altitude for that.

Last weekend's heat made me feel more like a jogger than a runner. My form was sloppy and my gait was off, indicated by cadences that dipped below 80 SPM. Today I had the feeling of real running -- the energy, leg turnover and coordination were all there. I felt like I do in a race when I'm usually at my best, having trained and rested for that moment. There are only so many ways to trace the roads around my neighborhood but I try to mix it up each day to keep it from being so tedious and repetitious. I chose a route with lots of (slight) inclines and was pleased with the power I had to take them on. It took me about 10 minutes to break the sweat barrier but it never got too warm over the 26 minute run. I really felt like I was achieving some speed but I ended up only averaging 9:26 per mile. Must be that darn performance-optimization window thing. It doesn't matter because it's much more practical for me to run at 4 AM than 4 PM. Our power was restored last night after 26 hours without AC, lights or hot water. It was great to take a hot shower after my run to cap off a great workout on an unexpectedly cool morning.

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