Thursday, July 1, 2010

How far can you run in 80 minutes?

Today's workout (elliptical): 24 minutes

Back in the early '90's I was running three or four days a week on average. My runs took place primarily on the streets of NYC and, with no technologies to track my distance, I never really knew how much ground I covered. After tracing my typical route in Gmaps I now know that it wasn't much. My average run was probably two miles (if that) and progress was frequently interrupted by stops at crosswalks.

I remember once having dinner with my running partner and another couple who were also runners. The guy told me that he ran about 25 miles a week and that amazed me. I'd responded by saying that was practically like running a marathon every week. I recall wondering how he found routes that were long enough to compile that distance. Today I typically run 20 miles per week but my average distance per run is only about 3.75 miles. I do more distance on weekends with my longest run (to date) being 8.15 miles. I ran that in 74 minutes.

I'd like to push my distance further and have decided to see how far I can run in 80 minutes. I just need to find some place where I can do that without traveling the same ground over and over. I can get about seven miles out of running within my neighborhood and the two others that border it but breaking out further requires crossing some major roads which I'm loathe to do. It would be fun to run with some destination in mind but that will take some planning and coordination. With the three day weekend coming up I'm hoping to find an hour and a half to try the 80 minute plan. Even after almost two years I haven't run nine miles straight. My run-against-time plan could help me reach that goal.


  1. I started running about four years ago- no watch, no GPS, no ipod. Loved it. I really miss just going out for an hour without regard to distance, etc. Hope you find that spare 80 to see how far you can go!

  2. Thanks! I wish I was able to run without capturing metrics. In the back of my mind I still feel like a run doesn't count unless it's uploaded to Garmin Connect!


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