Monday, March 1, 2010

Anticipating my less boring treadmill

This weekend seemed longer than most, probably because it started with an early homecoming on Friday due to the weather. I was pleased with my weekend running performance and I feel that I'm fully back to strength at this point. I do miss running in venues other than my neighborhood but neighborhood runs are still preferable to treadmill runs. Speaking of which, our new Sole F63 treadmill should be shipping soon. I'm curious to see if the running experience will be noticeably different from the unit we have now. If nothing else, the new treadmill will have some additional features and programs and will have a big display that shows speed, distance, time and other metrics. That should provide some good distractions while I'm using it. I'm also thinking about re-equipping my office with a set of running clothes so I can head out for a run in Central Park whenever the mood strikes.

This morning, owing to my trail race on Saturday, I skipped my rest day and spent 20 minutes on core exercises and another 15 minutes with hand weights. It felt like I accomplished something but I do have a way to go to attain a level of upper body conditioning that matches my lower body. I plan to run Tue-Thu and rest on Fri and Sat. I want to be at my best before I take on the Ewok forest and the Uh-Oh trail (among other challenges) at Stillwell Woods on Sunday.

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