Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mea Culpa on the run. Now what's my next shoe?

Although it did not seem to affect me negatively, yesterday's treadmill run was clearly too much too soon. After weeks of illness I began to feel strong enough to run a few minutes to benchmark my current conditioning. What was supposed to be 5 minutes of slow running turned into 12 or 13 minutes of slow to moderate running - enough to work a sweat. Up until that point I followed my doctor's advice to the letter and that brought me to the point where I felt strong enough to try this run. I had walked about a mile on Tuesday. Yesterday afternoon I walked for 30 minutes without feel tired. I'm getting there.

I finished my course of Avelox yesterday and I'm working through my second course of Tamiflu to ensure my Type B flu is eradicated. I'm sleeping more than I had prior to contracting pneumonia but I'm finding that I need less and less sleep each day. The real test will come next week when I return to waking at a very early hour so I can make my 6:20 AM train. I won't be running Tuesday morning but if my doctor allows it I'll try a short neighborhood run on Monday. I certainly didn't mind being on the treadmill yesterday. In fact you could say I loved every second of the experience. Much of that was due to the realization that I could still run and that I wasn't transported back to mid-2008 when I struggled to cover a few long streets without a break.

I've been looking at the Brooks Running site and wondering whether the Green Silence is my next running shoe.  I'll admit that I'm still very curious to compare the Adrenalin GTS-10's to my GTS-9's and I wonder if anything could ever feel so good on my feet as the ASICS Kayano's. Life has many many choices and I like having options. The question is this: should I be true to the idea that less is more and that the best thing to do is to return to running with minimalist shoes? Or should I be seduced by the great new technologies introduced for 2010? Then again, those GTS-9's are still a mighty fine pair of running shoes.

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