Friday, January 15, 2010

Listen to your body, not your doctor!

Years ago, when I worked for a newspaper in the Midwest, the publisher decided to create a portfolio highlighting his senior executives. We were each professionally photographed and then asked a series of questions about who we were and how we motivated our teams. One question asked us to describe ourselves in a single word. My answer was: "Doesn't follow directions." Needless to say the publisher was unhappy when he saw the glossy brochure with  this in my profile. It didn't really matter in the end though. A month later I was off to NYC after having accepted a position at another paper. Being a little rebellious was fun and much appreciated by my colleagues.

I'm still a bit that way. Despite yesterday's post about POSTIVELY not running until next week I felt I needed to test the waters. I felt very strong this morning, as though I had turned a corner on my recovery, and it did not seem to be a big risk to hop on the treadmill for ten or so minutes. It was exciting to change into running clothes for the first time in over two weeks. I had no expectations for performance and I left my Garmin on the side table so I wouldn't be tempted to meet any speed or distance numbers. I started with three minutes at a brisk walking pace and slid the speed control to the point where I could comfortably trot without feeling as though I was doing a lot of work. I moved the slider up to quicken the pace and I maintained a constant awareness of front and midfoot striking, leaning forward as I ran. The time passed quickly and I increased the belt speed to a full run for the last couple of minutes. It felt great. I cooled down for a few more minutes by walking and that was it.

In all I probably covered a mile to a mile and a half. I wasn't the runner I was a month ago but that was fine. As long as I keep my progress modest I think I can rebuild my conditioning in the next 30 days. I didn't follow directions but I'm happy I listened to my body. I didn't push past my limits and I'm happy with today's workout. Just please don't tell Dr. L.

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