Friday, January 29, 2010

Indoor running occasionally makes sense

So far, the toughest part of my morning was not from running on the treadmill but from standing on the platform at the train station. The super-chilled wind buffeted me and made me seriously consider going back to using contact lenses in the winter. The winds were hitting me straight on so the contact between my glasses and my face became pure torture. I was wishing I had my balaclava that I occasionally wear on the coldest and windiest running days. With this weather there's a big difference in tolerance depending on if you are stationary or in motion where your body can become a mini-furnace. I was looking at my posts from a year ago where I mentioned more than once about going out freezing and coming back hot, even when temperatures and wind-chills were in the low teens.

Running indoors is much warmer and I'm glad I followed through with another treadmill run this morning. In keeping with my recovery plan I took it fairly easy and covered about 2.25 miles at a moderate pace. So much of what I'm reading in ChiRunning and in online articles debate the "No pain, no gain" point of view. I far prefer the view that you can build endurance and improve performance by pushing to, and not past, your limits. My return to the treadmill has been fairly positive because I've taken the approach that time spent running (and not increasing my speed) is my primary goal. The trick is getting to the point where an 8:30 pace feels as easy as a 10:30 pace. I think it can be done but I have a ways to go in my recovery.

I'm hoping to hit the trails and report on that experience over the weekend. As long as I'm only dealing with cold and not snow I should be good to go.


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation. I will have to check that out. Yes, the temp is not that bad, its the wind that makes it a demon. Good luck on getting out this weekend on some trails.

  2. Thanks, I don't know if I'll brave 5 degrees but if it's reasonable I'm there. Have a great running weekend as well.


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