Monday, June 8, 2009

Mid year goals check

After yesterday's race I started thinking about my progress this year and how I have done against my running goals. In business it is common to set goals early in the year that become irrelevant by years end. Sometimes new objectives surface months later. In terms of running I'm pleased that the goals I set in late December remain valid. I suppose I could add a couple related to specific conditioning needs but those are really on the tactical side. Here's my mid year report card:

1. Participate in at least four local races.

As of yesterday I am 3/4 through this goal. I'm hoping to participate in a Summer Series run in July and I have targeted a few fall races including a local Thanksgiving race in my town.

Score: Ahead of pace

I have run 6 miles (actually, due to a Garmin calibration error it was 5.95 miles) but I haven't made 6.2. I was going to run the Great Cow Harbor 10K later this year but I have a schedule conflict. After yesterday I realize I'm not ready to be competitive at that distance so I'll likely hit that goal this month in a training run.

Score: On track

3. Run three miles under 8:40/mile.

I ran the LI Marathon 5K at 8:33 and have beaten 8:40 a few times on longer runs since then.

Score: Completed

4. Incorporate one rest day into my weekly training schedule.

I didn't take too many rest days until my first race in April when I forced myself to take a couple before that event. I've been taking them most weeks since then and I've also incorporated a light elliptical workout once a week.

Score: On track

The only goal I would add for 2009 is to run at least 20 miles per week. I've averaged 19.2 miles since the beginning of May so this is possible. I plan to do more outdoor early morning runs which will push my daily average higher than I've been attaining on the treadmill.

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