Monday, June 15, 2009

Going for distance

After covering almost 15 miles since Friday afternoon I decided to skip my usual Monday elliptical workout and give myself a rest this morning. Between Friday and this Sunday I ran a total of 15 miles, the longest distance I've run within that time period. I've definitely increased my weekly mileage in the last couple of months but I'm still averaging about 2.75 miles per day. I try to do a couple of longer runs (right now defined as 3 miles or more) on the weekends and my weekday schedule limits my morning workouts to less than 25 minutes. I typically average around 2 miles for those runs.

I'm getting better at running longer distances but the work week doesn't provide too much opportunity for that. Through city running I've been able to incorporate a longer weekday run into my schedule so between that, a rest day and my elliptical workouts I only have two "short run" days. I would be interested in expanding those two milers into three milers but I refuse to get up any earlier than 4:00 AM to do that. The only other way to do it is to run a lot faster!

In terms of distance I'm looking ahead to October when I hope to compete in the Cape Cod Marathon in Falmouth , MA. I'm in no way capable of running a marathon or even a half but they offer a five segment relay and I can probably handle 11 miles when it's broken up in some way.  I have a friend who runs marathons (he did Boston in April) who could possibly join me. AG is game to run some longer routes and she has other friends that are likely to compete. It's supposed to be a beautiful course. More to come on that.

I'm happy with my decision to forgo exercise today. I don't want to over-train and I'm expecting to do another Friday through Sunday long distance span. Tomorrow I plan to hit the road at 4:00, headlamp on.

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