Friday, June 12, 2009

I used to run but...

Okay, I talk about running a lot. It's a great subject for casual conversation, especially with people you don't know well. While it might be dangerous to discuss politics or religion with acquaintances, mentioning that you run usually evokes the following responses:

1. I run too. What pace/distances do you run?

2. I run a couple of times a week. That's often followed by "but it's been a while since I've actually run."

3. Oh, I can't run. It's so boring.

4. I used to run but...

- My knees couldn't take it.
- I don't have time anymore.
- I realized I hated it.
- I wasn't any good at it.
- It was too much of a commitment
- I couldn't stay motivated.
- Now I swim, bike, weight train, etc.
Every once in a while mentioning running will spark enough interest to get people to try it. More than one person has told me they've taken up running (curiously it's often via the treadmill) after I've mentioned what I do. I still get "You've lost weight, how did you do that?" from people whom I haven't seen for a while. People love to talk about fitness and diet and they like hearing how small changes in both can make a real difference.

I don't try to convince people to run and I try to avoid the fanatic zealotry that often comes from those who find great satisfaction from athletic activities. Like I said before, it's best to avoid conversations about religion.


  1. Hey ER - just a quick note, I did the chase corporate challenge yesterday 3.5 miles in 37 mins not incredible but pretty decent for a first time out.

    I wanted to thank you for an inspiring blog, it helped get me there! Oh yeah I posted about the garmin a few weeks back. It worked great during the run but crapped out on saving data to garmin connect.

    You were right I ran faster than I ever had, completely have the bug now. Thanks again and cheers!

  2. Congratulations on your first race! Try to remember everything because you only experience that once. I had thought about the corporate challenge but evening events are hard for me. I'm hitting the park today.

    I've had Garmin frustrations on all three races. Teh first time it was because I forgot to hit stop until 14 minutes after the race! The second time it had just stopped tracking distance. Last Sunday it was fine but I forgot to hit stop again although I remembered it within a minute of the finish line.

    Racing does make yo run faster, probably because the other racers pull you along, like when you keep up with traffic on the highway. Here's to your first and to your next race!


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