Thursday, February 19, 2009

You are what you run

I noticed that today's run was the 200th workout I've recorded on MapMyRun since last September. Overall I've run 360 miles since that time and I've burned 45,930 calories in the process. 84% of my recorded workouts are runs and the remainder is cross training, mostly on the elliptical. MapMyRun green calculations are Gas Saved:, 19.83 gallons, Money Saved: $69.00 and Carbon Offset: 383.9 lbs. of CO2. That's all well and good if I were running somewhere where I'd normally drive. With the exception of running a couple of books to the library I can't take credit for making a greener decision by running unless running has prevented me from driving to a different activity.

This morning I ran 3.46 miles around the neighborhood. It was 43 degrees but all reports said it would get increasingly colder and windier by mid day so I took off as soon as the rain stopped. It was very wet on the roads so I ran with my trail shoes although I saw few puddles and I could have got away with using my regular shoes. I started my run at 7:45 AM which is late for me and I was fascinated to see what my neighborhood looks like at that time. I was surprised to see a number of contractors working on houses and less surprised to see oil trucks filling up homes on almost every street. It's still pretty cold in February on LI. I was a little tired by the time I got home, my Garmin said I had run 3.3 miles but after mapping my route with Gmaps I saw that I had covered 3.46 miles. I think my attempt at calibrating the Garmin had backfired and put the tracking 5% off instead of the 3% variation it had without calibration. I've since adjusted the other way in hopes of getting it about right. I'll see how it works tomorrow if I decide to do a run instead of cross-training.

I know that most people are happy to estimate the distances they run but I need to know exactly what I've accomplished and how far I am from my goals. Now, when I have the luxury of time, I always run at least 5K outdoors. It was only months ago when that was a big wall to cross and I remind myself of that every time I step on the street, the track or the treadmill. I want to complete a 5 mile run before I return to the office next Monday. and I hope the weather cooperates over the weekend. 360 miles run, 45,930 calories burned and 200 workouts completed has done a lot for me but it's always the goal ahead that matters most.


  1. Good for you - what progress!

    BTW, good luck on the five-miler....but I'm betting you don't need luck at all... :-)

  2. Thank you! It's 24 and windy this morning so I'm not sure whether I'll make the attempt today.

    How's your knee responding?

  3. I say stay inside and rest - five miles in those conditions sounds fairly horrific if you ask me!

    Knee is better (thank you for asking), but I'm not convinced that these arch supports are actually helping since I feel like I'm now running on the outsides of my feet with them in. New shoes for me today I think!

  4. I'm always a little suspicious of add-in supports in running shoes. Do you have a good pair of cushioned running shoes?

  5. Well....when I started running I went to a store that specializes in running gear, was evaluated and told I needed a neutral shoe. I bought a pair of Saucony Rides, and loved them - they felt great all the time!

    Three months later, knee problems cropped up, I went to a doctor, a chiropractor and a personal trainer (yes, I'm persistent....and thorough...). The personal trainer said to wear whatever shoes work, the doctor had no opinion, and the chiropractor said I needed a stability shoe or inserts because he felt I needed arch support. Since I'd just ordered a replacement pair of shoes (same brand/model, just this year's update), I went the inserts route.

    I hate running with these things in my shoes because my foot is "higher" in the shoe, causing my shoes to slip slightly in the heels, I feel like they make me run on the outsides of my feet, and I hate to admit it, but I'm afraid I may have a new injury - the arch of my right foot hurts occasionally when I wake up...

    Way more than you wanted to know, I realize, so the short answer is - yes, but I think I need new shoes with a bit more stability, so I can toss the inserts.... Makes me wish I could just RUN and not be bothered with all of this stuff!

  6. I certainly can't debate a medical professional but what you've described doesn't sound right at all. Running should feel natural and these arch supports aren't giving you that. You've invested in the Saucony's which are great by reputation but they may not be the right shoe for you. Or it could be that your knee problem comes from a different source entirely.

    A few years ago I started having a bad knee problem (not through running) and found out I had a tear in my Meniscus ligament. I suspect it had more to do with my habit of bounding quickly down the steps at Penn Station every night to catch my train. The orthopedist told me to rest it for two weeks and it healed by itself. It seems like you'd be better off resting it a little more often instead of using those supports.

    Another thought is to try a different shoe (my wife just got a pair of Nike Vomeros that are high performance and built for this type of support). She loves them and says they are so good she can't even use her old shoes anymore.

    I hope you get some relief from this soon.


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