Saturday, February 7, 2009

Half of 200%

I had high hopes for Spring-like running this morning but the warmer temperatures won't reach us until later. I watched the thermometer widget on my iMac while I waited for the sun to rise. It was 17 degrees at 5:00 AM and, annoyingly, 16 degrees at 6:00. I left at 7:00 dressed for cold but, as always, I forgot to properly protect my face. No matter, I figured my body temperature would fix that soon. It all worked out and I felt great throughout the entire run. I only finished when I did because we're on a tight schedule today.

I had about ten minutes to go near the end of the run and reached a point where I would finish at almost exactly 4 miles by heading straight home or I could take a detour and add another half mile. Despite really feeling the effort at this point I took the harder path and ultimately finished 4.4 miles at a 9:25 pace. My goal for this weekend is 8 miles so I accomplished 50% of that and more than 100% for today. I'm not sure why the run went so well, perhaps it was getting some good rest overnight. I really hope I can repeat this tomorrow.

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